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  • Quality, Performance and Reliability Backed By a 5 Year Warranty  More...

    5 Years Parts and Labour Warranty + The Only Performance Guarantee in the Industry*. We are confident that Absolute Ozone® generators will provide great performance and reliability for many years of service saving you money on repairs and downtime.

  • No Maintenance and No Serviceable Parts  More...

    All parts and components used in Absolute Ozone® generators have a service life of 15-20 years and do not require any repairs or replacements, saving substantial amount of money over that period of time and offering the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the industry. Leak proof construction tested at up to 150 PSIG, corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum enclosure, highest quality components and materials used, farther enhance reliability. Result: No downtime, No hidden costs.

  • Saves You More Than Half The Money On Any Ozone Treatment Application  More...

    Absolute Ozone Generators produce ozone at unsurpassed by others high concentrations. Laws of physics dictate that maximum amount of ozone dissolved in the water is proportional to ozone concentration produced by the generator. Therefore, a 30g/h Absolute Ozone Generator will dissolve more Ozone in the water, providing better disinfection then similar 60g/h Ozone Generator produced by most competitors, saving customer as much as $12,000 dollars on the price of the ozone system, even of such a small scale. To see more detail calculations and comparison please visit

  • Low Oxygen Requirement - Highest Ozone Concentration Up to 20% by Weight  More...

    It is obvious that higher concentration of ozone in oxygen mixture produced by Absolute Ozone® generators, means that much less oxygen is required, in order to have equal amount of ozone delivered. I.e. Atlas 30 requires only 4 SLPM (Standard Litres Per Minute) to produce 30g/h of ozone (not 9-14 SLPM, common in the industry today). When operating Absolute Ozone® Generators you may need to purchase only 1 Oxygen concentrator instead of 2 or even 4 required by competitor's Generators.

  • High Pressure Available  More...

    Working pressure from 20-80 PSIG , save on ozone booster & its maintenance. 20-80 PSIG variable pressure models are available now. Ideal for soil remediation applications or where steady oxygen pressure is unachievable.

  • Module Construction  More...

    Expandable to 5kg/h (263ppd) and up

  • Air Cooled   More...

    No need to pay for expensive cooling water, water conditioning & water cooling systems


  • Most Compact In the Industry  More...

    Absolute Ozone® Generators ranging in production from 30 to 100 g/h of ozone have dimensions of 14” x 15”x 7” Only! - saves valuable space and money on shipping.

  • Light Weight   More...

    26 lb Ideal for mobile systems, carts & saves money on shipping.

  • Free Hands-On Technical Support   More...

    Our Knowledgeable engineers will assist with:

    - Sizing and Selecting correct ozone generator

    - Setting up an ozone pilot system and/or conseptual design of the ozone system for your application

    - Designing an effective ozone system for your Ozone application

    - Installation, operation and optimization of the ozone generating system.






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