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High Concentration Dry Ozone Destruct Units

The use of ozone destruct unit is an essential safety measure when dealing with high concentrations of ozone. This is because ozone is toxic, and can be very harmful to people, pets, and other living organisms. An ozone destruct unit will safely destroy any excess ozone that is present in the ambient air, or ozone that is off gassed from a contact tank.

High Concentration Wet Ozone Destruct Units


Wet ozone destruct units are manufactured with a heater to warm the air and catalyst inside the Ozone Destruct Unit. Also, they feature an air gap that will equalize the air flow and speed. There is also piping used in the ozone destruct units to ensure the air is properly warmed prior to contacting the catalyst, and for the potential of condensed moisture to drop via gravity back into the incoming tubing.

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