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Ozone is used effectively in the processing of water laden with concentrations of industrial byproducts.

Pesticides, organics, BOD and COD are all treated thoroughly and effectively through ozone oxidation.


Due to the degree of variation in contaminant makeup and loading, waste water treatment equipment is usually specified after scaled down pilot testing has been performed to determine required ozone dosages.


Reduction in processing costs, as well as reduction or elimination of penalties imposed due to disposal of contaminated water are some of the benefits. Further benefits include use of a clean, environmentally friendly technology that is as effective and economical as less friendly technologies.

Advantages of Ozone in Wastewater Disinfection

The ozonation of wastewater effluents has several other advantages such as an increase in dissolved oxygen, decrease in chemical oxygen demand, and improvement in aesthetic characteristics due to reduction in turbidity and color. Chlorination and UV radiation do not provide these  benefits. In addition, due to Absolute Ozone® significant advances in the ozone manufacturing technology in the last couple of decades and the experience we've gained by supplying water and wastewater ozone treatment systems, ozonation is now a mature technology which is being used all over the world in some of the largest cities for municipal wastewater treatment.


  • Ozone is more effective than chlorine in destroying viruses and bacteria.
  • The ozonation process utilizes a short contact time (approximately 10 to 30 minutes).
  • There are no harmful residuals that need to be removed after ozonation because ozone decomposes rapidly.
  • After ozonation, there is no regrowth of microorganisms, except for those protected by the particulates in the wastewater stream.
  • Ozone is generated onsite, and thus, there are fewer safety problems associated with shipping and handling.
  • Ozonation elevates the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration of the effluent. The increase in DO can eliminate the need for reaeration and also raise the level of DO in the receiving stream.

Ozone Disinfects Water and Wastewater of the Following Chemicals and Compounds

Many municipal wastewater treatment plants (MWWTPs) discharge the effluent in water bodies such as rivers and lakes that are important sources of drinking water.


Historically, chlorine was used for disinfection of MWWE because of its effectiveness, residual properties, and low cost.

However, studies in the early 1970s showed that free chlorine reacts with the organics to form disinfection by-products (DBPs) such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids. These DBPs could adversely affect public health and aquatic life because of their carcinogenic properties.


Fish kills were also experienced in water bodies receiving municipal wastewater disinfected with chlorine. The concerns with adverse effects of chlorinated effluent led United States Environmental Protection  Agency (USEPA) to promote research in alternate disinfection technologies such as ozonation.

Researchers have discovered many more chemicals and compounds in water and wastewater in concentrations that can be a cause of various other ecological concerns.

These more recently discovered pollutants of concern are commonly being grouped as contaminants of emerging concern (CEC's).


The CECs are usually unregulated and consist of:

  • Pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs)
  • Personal care products (PCPs)
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs)
  • Plasticizers
  • Surfactants
  • Fire retardants
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Industrial and Household Chemical
  • Nanomaterials

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