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    Advantages of using Ozone in Aquaculture:


    Ozone provides both economical and ecological advantages to the Aquaculture industry. Ozone oxidation of aqua-farms improve water quality, destroys organics,  and increases DO levels which result  in faster growth rates, decreased death tolls, and provides an overall healthier and safe environment for fish.



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    Ozone has found a wide range of uses in the food and beverage industry and is an excellent biocide/disinfectant capable of inactivating a wide variety of pathogens.


    It is an FDA approved food additive.

    A few of the applications are listed below:


    - Bottled Water

    - Food Processing

    - Ozone Fruit Decay Prevention

    - Wineries

    - Manganese & Iron Removal




    Implementation of ozone in industrial applications has been around for over 120 years.

    Over the years, Absolute Ozone® has continued to develop industrial ozone systems to meet the continuously changing needs of industries.


    Due to 28 years of extensive experience in ozone technology, Absolute Ozone® offers a wide range of solutions for industrial applications. Absolute Ozone® products have been designed so that they can be integrated into all types of treatment steps with the minimum amount of work and time, making industrial applications feasible to a wide range of clients.


    Main Applications Include:


    - Disinfection of industrial and chemical freshwater, process water and cooling water

    - Disinfection, detoxification, decolouration and deoderization of industrial wastewater                and improvement of its biodegradability

    Oxidation of industrial off gasses

    Chemical Oxidation


    -Optical brightening and bleaching of raw materials (i.e. clay) and products (i.e. paper)

      Improvement of coating processes

    - Organic Syntheses (Ozonolysis Processes)

    - Chemical Synthesis

    - Cyanide Regeneration




    Ozone therapy was found to be efficient, easy to use, ensuring good tolerance and no side- effects.

    According to the chosen therapeutic concentration ozone can produce its immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, analgesic and other effects.


    The properties of medical ozone have been used in:

    - therapy,

    - surgery,

    - obstetrics and gynecology,

    - dermatology,

    - dentistry

    - stomatology


    Absolute Ozone® ozone systems are being used all over the world, aiding and providing  pure ozone  for treatment offering health advantages to those in need. We have gained a an extensive amount of experience working with doctors who are implenting ozone in their medical strategies and are continously looking for new breakthroughs in medical advancement.



    To learn more about Ozone Health and its various applications

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    Ozone is a very effective alternative to chlorine and other chemicals as a disinfection agent in swimming pools. Ozone and UV can safely prevent the formation of chlorine byproducts, such as chloramines and trihalomethanes which are potentially carcinogenic.


    Ozone can breakdown chlorinated byproducts, therefore reducing the typical problems associated with pools such as red eyes and respiration ailments. Ozone will also oxidize oils and other contaminants in swimming pools and spa water into safer elements.

    The use of ozone can play an essential role in providing a clean and pleasant environment for bathers and pool staff.


    Ozone is not only a cleaner, healthier and more pleasant alternative to chemical treatment but it also will save you money...


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    Pesticides were commonly used for the pest control in farms since they have high and rapid insecticidal effects and enable us to increase yields of crops. However, the pesticides cause some problems, soil and groundwater pollution and residual chemicals in crops harmful to consumers. In recent years, alternative methods to pesticides in the agriculture are required from the viewpoint of global environment and human health.


    Recently, wider implementation of ozone sterilization in agriculture seems to be one of the promising techniques to secure the safety of foods.


    As an example, the killing effect of the ozone on aphids. The survival rate of the aphids was 3.3% for 5 sec treatment time.




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    For more than 20 years, semiconductor industry researchers have investigated the use of ozone for wafer-cleaning and resist-stripping applications. To lower chemical consumption and disposal costs as well as to improve cleaning efficiency, ozone has been studied during the past decade as an alternative to traditional sulfuric acid–peroxide and RCA cleans using basic (SC-1) and acidic (SC-2) hydrogen peroxide mixtures. It is effective because of the multiple influences exerted by the disinfecting activity of O3 and O3-derived oxidizing species such as OH radicals.

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    Applications of ozone in commercial laundry systems began in the late 1980s- early 1990s. Early installations showed promise for ozone to save considerable energy over conventional (thermal) systems. However, inconsistent performances of ozone equipment of that period coupled with a lack of in-depth understanding of how ozone was performing hindered commercial acceptance of ozone. With continued study and testing, these early misunderstandings about ozone have been overcome, and today many thousands of commercial laundry systems are using ozone successfully in many parts of the world. For example, more than 2,000 ozone laundry systems are operating in commercial laundry systems in the USA and another 2,000 commercial ozone laundry systems in the United Kingdom alone!


    In recent years ozone laundry technology has proven itself to be an effective tool in helping to reduce water usage and energy consumption while also reducing wash and dry times, ensuring the absence of microorganisms, and improving the quality and useful life of laundered products. There are economic advantages to an ozone system as well as microbiological and environmental benefits. Currently in the United States there are over 2,000 ozone laundry systems in place and as many as 3,000 more in the United Kingdom alone.


    There are upwards of 200,000 commercial laundry facilities in the United States today. These can be free-standing laundry plants, located in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs, resorts, as well as in penal institutions, athletic facilities, in coin-operated Laundromats, and in dry-cleaning establishments. These locations are using, in toto, tens of billions of gallons of water and massive amounts of energy each year.




    There are upwards of 200,000 commercial laundry facilities in the United States today. These can be free-standing laundry plants, located in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs, resorts, as well as in penal institutions, athletic facilities, in coin-operated Laundromats, and in dry-cleaning establishments. These locations are using, in toto, tens of billions of gallons of water and massive amounts of energy each year.






    "Following your advice we've installed a water tank where we keep a 3.5 - 4 ppm of dissolved ozone.

    By communicating with the washer's controller we known when to supply the ozonated water with our own pump.


    The results are very promising - no heated water at all, 50% reduction of soap and softeners and the laundry expert is satisfied.

    On top of things, we've shortened the total wash process by doing only one wash instead of two. Actually, the first rinse is also a wash because it is done with ozonated water."


    "(our laundry solutions using Absolute Ozone® Atlas 30) is already running for two weeks now with very good results - no heating at all, 50% less chemicals, 29% less time and 20% less water - and the laundry quality is reported by the customer to be even better - clean and smelly!"



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