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waste water Treatment

Ozone is used effectively in the processing of water laden with concentrations of industrial byproducts. Pesticides, organics, BOD and COD are all treated thoroughly and effectively through ozone oxidation.

Due to the degree of variation in contaminant makeup and loading, waste water treatment equipment is usually specified after scaled down pilot testing has been performed to determine required ozone dosages.

Reduction in processing costs, as well as reduction or elimination of penalties imposed due to disposal of contaminated water are some of the benefits. Further benefits include use of a clean, environmentally friendly technology that is as effective and economical as less friendly technologies.

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COD/BOD Removal with Ozone Injection System

The table below shows selected results of tests using the an ozone injection system at 3-4.5% conc. by wt. to treat wastewater for the reduction of COD/BOD.  It should be noted that not all BOD/COD is amenable to treatment with ozone.  Some specifies are completely unaffected by ozone and others are converted to more biodegradable compounds which can actually
increase BOD.  As shown below, in cases where ozone is effective, using an Ozone Generator has shown very high COD
removed/Ozone transferred ratios.       

Medium COD   
High COD
Starting COD = 623 mg/L
Starting COD = 6485 mg/L  
Starting COD = 15964 mg/L
Starting BOD = 334 mg/L  
Starting BOD = N/A
Starting BOD = N/A
Ozone Dose = 26.4 ppm
Ozone Dose = 14.7 ppm
Ozone Dose = 50.6 ppm
Transfer Efficiency = 86 %
Transfer Efficiency = 100 %
Transfer Efficiency = 100 %
System Pressure = 0 psig
System Pressure = 0 psig
System Pressure = 0 psig
Ozone Concentration = 4.5 wt %
Ozone Concentration = 3.0 wt %   
Ozone Concentration = 3.0 wt %
G/L Ratio = 0.44                
G/L Ratio = 0.45
G/L Ratio = 1.31
Outlet COD = 497 mg/L              
Outlet COD = 5901 mg/L  
Outlet COD = 12610 mg/L
Outlet BOD = 232 mg/L              
Outlet BOD = N/A
Outlet BOD = N/A
4.5 mg/L BOD removed per mg/l ozone transferred
4.7 mg/L COD destroyed per mg/l ozone transferred   
39.7 mg/L COD destroyed per mg/l ozone transferred
66.3 mg/L COD destroyed per mg/l ozone transferred



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